Making an Appointment

Becoming a client at the YPDC involves several key steps.

Step 1: Phone Screening

Receiving treatment at the YPDC begins with a phone call. When prospective clients contact the Clinic Coordinator at 203-432-4520, they are asked to schedule time for a 20 – 30 minute phone conversation regarding their behavioral health background and current concerns. This confidential ‘phone screen’ serves as preliminary determination of whether the clinic best fits the client’s treatment needs. If a good match is indicated, a clinician will follow up within several days to schedule an on-site intake appointment. If the clinic is not the best care option available for the client’s specific concerns, the Clinic Coordinator will provide referrals.

Step 2: Intake

The intake appointment is held in the YPDC, located at 40 Temple Street (Suite 2H) in New Haven. It involves an in-depth exploration of clients’ mental and behavioral health history and present concerns and takes between one and two 2-hour sessions to complete. Prior to the intake, clients are asked to fill out several online questionnaires to expedite the intake process.

Generally, but not always, the clinician that clients see during an intake becomes their primary therapist should they continue to have regular sessions. Occasionally, material discussed during the intake indicates that a more specialized approach to care is called for. Should this occur, the clinician will connect the client with a referral that better fits his/her needs.